Stoke Poges Range

A R M O U R E R   S E R V I C E S

Serving Film, Television and theatrical productions since 1990.

About Us

Our Services 

Stoke Poges Range - Armourer services, is a fully functional indoor shooting range which has 25 & 50 meter firing lanes. We supply weapons and armourers for film, TV and theatre. Our selection includes licensed blank firing pistols, rifles, and machine guns covering the last 200 years. We also supply deactivated, rubber and plastic guns of various types. We have a large selection of police and military body armour, holsters and ancillaries. 

In addition we have a large variety of swords, shields, spears, axes, bows and arrows, armour and other weapons covering Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Viking, middle ages.Elizabethan and various periods in between.

Our origins were in providing weapons rentals, actor  firearm training and secure storage for film armoury companies. We now provide a single comprehensive service covering all periods of weapons including, replica, blank firing, semi and fully automatic firearms.We offer sample weapons for “show and tell” when pre-production choices need to be made. We also offer training in the handling and safe use of blank firing weapons on set, and have a record of reliable service with  well established producers and many actors.

 Our inventory makes us one of the largest weapon and prop houses in the UK, suppling a wide range of props from battle ready swords to fully detailed weapons.

Our Mission

Legal services

SPR delivers professional high quality support for all our clients. We are committed to providing a flexible service that will help you achieve your needs and objectives whilst functioning around a budget.

Hiring Terms 

SPR is authorised by the Home Office to possess Prohibited Weapons for use in Film and Television productions. We are a registered  Section Five Firearms Dealer  and act in full compliance with the controls established under the Firearms Act 1997. All of our weapons are registered and any movement in or out is recorded, as well as the weapons being appropriately monitored during transport..

Risk Assessments:


 Our first concern is safety.  Familiarisation and training can be provided as required, and we can also provide any necessary written risk assessments. Our task is to help the production team ensure that eveyone  involved is made aware of the saftey precautions needed for themselves, and for a trouble free production.

Props Rental

We have a wide ranging inventory and can provide, for example, forensic equipment, fake bombs, weapons and associated gadgets.


Movie Weapons Rental

We have a large inventory of “replicas” "deactivated" and "practical” weapons for all your on-set needs. “Practical" weapons are blank firing firearms which require licenced armourers to be on set during any scenes in which these weapons are in use. A degree of firearms knowledge, training and safety will be required by the actor/actresses, which we also offer in our services if required. Our inventory ranges from Palaeolithic knives to detailed replicas and our weapons experts are on hand to make your next project a safe and successful one.


 Movie Weapons Training

We offer production companies the facility for actor training, familiarisation and on set safety requirement in the handling of film, firearms and accessories. 



If we do not currently have the items you need we can either make them in our workshop, or arrange for items to be made



Minimum rental is one week, each item has a different pricing strategy fee. Feel free to contact us about price details (each picture has its reference number displayed) email the reference number the quantity required 


We do not retail or hire to the general public. We only hire to recognised Production Companies and established Firms .


Contact us for more detials about hiring